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Nov 22 21 (2 years ago)

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Roxanne Rom is a desperate slut with a big ass that was made to take a pounding. She's new to the TGHU scene and she's in the market for the meanest tgirl top she can get her hands on. Dressed like a cheap fucking whore, she cruises Tgirls Hookup looking for the one girl who's going to hopefully ruin her day and fuck up her makeup. Enter: Flowergoth Roze...FGR is one of the most hardcore tops on the app. Don't let her size fool you, because she will fuck you so hard your head will spin. Her cock is huge and so is her attitude. Don't get in her way unless you want her to fuck you so hard, you'll see stars. She's a hardcore mistress looking for subby little sluts and today is her lucky day. Roxanne and Roze hit it off over chat and sparks fly.She tells Roxanne to head on over to her place if she's really looking for the relentless pounding she says she wants. Roxanne arrives looking like a fucking snack. She's so damn curvy and hot. Her sexy fishnets show off her amazing legs and hyper-feminine figure. Her tits are big and juicy. Talk about dress to impress! This girl is drop-dead-gorgeous.Roze looks killer too, with a sexy stone-cold demeanor that makes bottoms precum in their panties. Roze is in amazing shape like usual and ready to fuck. Her tits are looking round and perky and her ass looks simply amazing. Flowergoth Roze takes Roxanne upstairs and puts her to work on her fucking knees like a good little submissive slut. Roxanne shows her date just how much she loves sucking girlcock before Roze slams her huge dick into Roxanne's soon to be gaping hole. Speaking of gapes... This episode is full of them! Roxanne's slutty hole gapes effortlessly with the help of Flowergoth Roze's big fat cock and her new pink dildos from Hismith. Roxanne's asshole gets so stretched out that it looks like an event horizon, so dark and empty that not even light can escape.Roxanne whimpers and moans from her multiple orgasms as Flowergoth Roze slams...

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