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Dec 31 21 (2 years ago)

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Flowergoth Roze is such a fantastic and talented person. She is so sweet, friendly and caring and it's always truly a delight to have her here to shoot. She's so enthusiastic and very full of energy on top of being super sexy.I was really looking forward to her coming back to shoot this week. This scene was the first scene we shot of the week. It was when Xena was out of town and I was all by myself for the shoot. I apologize that I wasn't able to take much BTS footage because of that. I was the photographer and videographer and director that day.This video is short and sweet and to the point. If you love Flowergoth Roze as much as we do, please go give her a follow and support her on her own clip stores.We hope to get her back for more TGHU sometime in 2022xoxoKQ

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