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Jun 30 22 (1 year, 3 months ago)

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Avery Angel just got home from a super sexy adventure, and her dear diary is going to get every juicy detail! Avery is a cutie, with cute lips, a delectable little waist, and nipples that just beg for attention. Not to mention her throbbing girl-cock! Ms. Angel's a top, so if you're not careful, she'll pound your prostate until you're pouring precum! A trip to help her BFF Stacy pick out some new clothes for a job interview turned quickly into a changing room tryst that left Avery drained and Stacy dripping with cum!The mere thought of her sexy friend was enough to rekindle her flames of passion, and now we get an up-close view as she puts it out! Avery's a stroker, not needing a cavalcade of dildos and vibes to get her off, just a well lubed hand. Watch as she strokes her impressively huge girl meat, standing tall and proud above her lithe frame. She's easily a two-hander!To get her over the edge, she pulls out a soft clear flesh-light. It looks delicious, squishing and stretching over her impressive pole.Wait until you see the climax, as she has a thick, tasty treat waiting for you!Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, where friendships overflow with both love and jizz!

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