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Sabina Steele has an insatiable craving! With beautiful tits, and an amazing ass, Sabina has a body that just begs to be grabbed, fondled, and groped. She has a cute, innocent voice until you hear her depraved ramblings. She recently found the TGHU app and immediately started swiping right on all the toughest tops she could find! Enter Avery Angel.She's a sight to behold, and has all the right meat in ALLLL the right places. Avery Angel has the body of a model; a long, lean fucking machine, and a huge hard cock! She has plans for Sabina, all the slutty pics Sabina floods her phone with quickening her pulse and making her girlcock absolutely THROB. Sabina gets the green light and practically runs over to Avery's place, paying little mind that she's dressed like an absolute fucking whore!Avery has her in the door and on her fucking knees in moments, filling her mouth with more meat than your local deli. Avery Angel's packing some heat in her panties, and watching the veins twitch and pulse as she WRECKS Sabina's miraculously tight hole is a sight to behold! Avery fucks Sabina rougher than she’s ever been fucked before and totally puts her in her place. Her hole is purely Avery’s play thing - fucking her in a variety of positions that only a small flexible slut like Sabina could pull off. When Avery has felt like Sabina has been a good enough girl for her, she cums right in her ass, releasing deep into Sabina’s desperate hole.When the dust and girlcum settles, holes are gaped, clothes are ripped, and Sabina's left trying to find a way home in even less clothes than she started. Enjoy the Latest update from Tgirls Hookup, your home for T4T debauchery!

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