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Jun 11 22 (2 years ago)

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Some girls WANT it bad...Others NEED it bad! After watching today's update, you'll desperately WANT and NEED some tissues and a nap! Roxanne is back and this time she is hornier, sluttier and more depraved than ever! Miss Rom is a TGHU regular for all the right reasons, and how she looks in her tight bubblegum skirt will have your jaw on the floor!Roxanne shows off her toned yet curvy body over DM and can't wait to head over to Mistress Solstice's apartment for a brutal fucking beyond all comprehension!She's been practicing her throating skills and is eager to show off how deep she can shove a girl-cock down her slutty esophagus.She's got desires that have her hurtin' for a squirtin' and Ravena Solstice is more than happy to oblige. Ravena Solstice is the definition of gothic beauty (Writer's note: I personally want her to step on me while she judges my clothes and music tastes, but that's just me...). Skin like the purest cream, regal features, piercings...AND a rock-hard girl cock? Ravena is a no-nonsense top with a stone-cold demeanor and will have you apologizing for things you didn't even do!Roxanne gets fucked and dominated hard, getting subjected to some fishnet foot play before some furious fucking! Sweet Roxanne gets an unrelenting lube-filled face-fucking that is just so hot! When Ravena has had her fun with Roxanne, she finishes with her cum pushed deep enough to stay at least halfway home. Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, where the scenes are so bold you'll struggle to hold your load!Enjoy!-Ana Andrews

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