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Jan 10 22 (2 years ago)

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Flowergoth Roze just can't wait to get home from her most recent adventures to spill it all for her Diary! She had quite the night out and wants to get everything down while her thoughts are still fresh and before the cum fully dries! That pastel pink book nearly drips with secrets, trysts, and kinky rendezvous. Ms.Roze is a feast on the eyes - a leggy beauty with a killer smile to go along with an amazing ass. Not to mention a massive cock! Today's scintillating tale involves her, a close girl friend of hers, and a pervy peeping-tom of a boyfriend! When Flowergoth catches the would-be voyeur, the pervert gets much more of a show than he's bargained for! The peeper gets a front row seat to his girlfriend getting the fuck of her life at the capable hands (and fingers, and girl-cock, lots of girl-cock) of Flowergoth Roze! Once she archives this tale of cuckoldry, humuiliation, exposure, and balls deep breeding, it's time to relieve some tension... Her writing hand wrapping around another instrument! She pumps her hips as she stokes her massive girlcock, her lusts building higher as the pleasure grows.Anticipation mounts as she dives deep into her own pleasure. A princess plug gives her ass a needed filling and a cute splash of color as her hole pulses and clamps down on it. Her hands and toys roam her body, a vibrating stroker sending her to new heights. She fills the room with moans and taunting; as though she were still enacting her revenge-fuck! Once she reaches her peak, she's left breathless; both sets of cheeks red. Check it out here on Tgirlshookup!

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