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Dec 01 21 (2 years ago)

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Chemistry is what changes any hookup into something special, and the chemistry here is electric! Delilah Darling is on the prowl again, looking hot as ever with her cute perky tits and pert little ass. She’s a blonde beach bimbo, who loves to bathe in the sun and get her holes fucking destroyed.Last time we caught up with her she was the top, and a hard top she was. But this beach slut is really just a total bottom.Her hole is like Excalibur, and you have to be a true top to take it completely. Flowergoth Roze might be just the right top to overtake her! With delicious looking skin, a massive dick, and a dirty, debauched mind, Flowergoth Roze is looking to turn Ms. Darling out! Flowergoth Roze is a tough chick, don’t let her small size fool you. She will knock you across your face so fast your head will spin.The girls waste no time, working themselves into a frenzy with a hot frot before Delilah is pawed at, Roze getting an intimate feeling of her wares. Lips and girldick continue to kiss and writhe together, both of them reveling in sensation. It doesn't take long before Delilah is getting her hole prepped and her girlcock stroked as Flowergoth Roze gets ready to plow Delilah like a goddamn field.Roze keeps things varied and rough, alternating between hard strokes, hole-stretching toys, and making Delilah gobble more meat than the winner of a hotdog eating contest! This thirsty beach bitch gets a nice treat when Flowergoth Roze fills her mouth with coconut milk and penis. Making Delilah a real pina colada. However, this wasn’t enough to quench Delilah’s extreme thirst for degradation. Roze pulls Ms. Darling off the couch into pile driver and sticks a funnel in her ass, filling her up to the brim.We even get to see the return of the milk-fuck, with Delilah’s hole drinking its daily recommended amount of dairy before it’s displaced by rampaging girl-dick! Delilah didn't have to take the reins this time, her girlcock fluctuating between cute...

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